Soothe-X™ 3-Step Regimen Kit

Soothe-X™ 3-Step Kit is an ultra-moisturizing skin regimen for severely dry, sensitive skin! Uniquely formulated with gentle, soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Get started with this simple 3-step process including soap, balm, and an oil that will help promote and maintain healthy, moisturized skin. Safe for use on the whole body including, delicate areas of the face and around eyes. 
  • Uniquely formulated with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients

  • Maintains the skin barrier

  • Safe for use on the whole body including the face and around the eyes

  • Non-irritating (no stinging or burning)

  • Organic. Steroid-free. Preservative-Free. 

  • Appropriate for adults and children of all ages

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