Our Mission

To mindfully create safe, reliable organic skincare for those with eczema, sensitive skin and beyond.

Our Journey

Heather Clark, RN
Founder & Formulator

As a former registered nurse at Rush University Medical Center (Chicago), I have seen it all. With that said, I am a big believer that prevention is best and putting your health first should be a necessity. I made it a priority to establish good eating habits for my family and later developed a passion for creating home remedies. It was when my daughter, Abigail Rose, developed eczema on her arms and legs that it made me realize the significant lack of non-irritating skin care options available on the market. Abigail was becoming self-conscious of her skin, losing sleep and miserable. Her eczema worsened with over-the-counter moisturizers, so I felt an overwhelming need to help her. After extensive research and testing on select plant-based oils and herbs, I successfully created a gentle and effective moisturizer for Abigail. The product worked so well for her that I shared it with friends and family who also had great results. 

In 2018, I launched Abby Rose Skin Care to provide others with the same gentle, non-irritating moisturizer that worked so well for Abigail. More than half of the population suffers from sensitive skin and other chronic skin conditions. It is my mission to give people a better chance at calmer, healthier skin by completely eliminating unnecessary known irritants and fillers in the same way I did for my daughter.

"If we can't find a reputable source for our ingredients, we'll grow them ourselves."


It is crucial we have our products evaluated by dermatologists. Their feedback is important to us so we can provide the best possible skin care to our customers. In 2019, I had the pleasure of meeting with world-renowned eczema expert, Dr. Peter Lio, to review my original balm (now called Soothe-X™ Balm). Dr. Lio, who continues to study new eczema treatments for this incurable disease, suggested the herb cardiospermum as a possible great addition to the Soothe-X™ Balm formulation. Cardiospermum has a long history of having tremendous skin benefits. Without hesitation, I set out to find the herb to begin testing. As it turns out, cardiospermum is mostly native to the tropics and very difficult to find. In order to control the conditions the plants are grown in and ensure the responsible and environmentally friendly approach to farming, the decision was made for us to personally grow the cardiospermum to guarantee its premium, organic quality.

The success of the Soothe-X™ Balm led to an expansion of the line resulting in a complete collection including the balm, body oil and a gentle bar soap. The entire Soothe-X collection was awarded The National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™. This is awarded to products that provide benefits and improve the quality of life for people with eczema and sensitive skin. The products are clinically tested and reviewed by a team of independent physician reviewers who have a clinical focus on caring for eczema patients and scientific knowledge related to product considerations.

Experience the Journey to Calmer, Healthier Skin.

We go the extra mile to ensure our products are compatible with most skin types, even extremely sensitive. With our 100% waterless, plant-based approach, we focus on clean, purposeful ingredients that are highly nourishing, soothing and moisturizing. Zero unnecessary known irritants or synthetic fillers.

Our Products

With the significant rise in the prevalence of sensitive skin to more than half the population; many simply cannot tolerate preservatives, fragrances or other synthetic additives in their skin care. We take a two-fold approach to creating products: waterless and plant-based. 

First, by eliminating water from our products, we eliminate the need for harsh preservatives, which can be irritating and disruptive to the skin microbiome. This may eventually lead to a breakdown of the skin barrier followed by stressed and unhealthy skin. 

Secondly, without water diluting our products down; we are able to formulate with only high quality, organic ingredients. A typical bottle of lotion contains 70% water and only 30% active ingredients. Our products are concentrated with 100% beautiful, plant-based ingredients that are highly nourishing, soothing, moisturizing and protective of the skin barrier. Cutting corners is never an option and that’s what makes our products so unique. We go above and beyond to ensure the ingredients are of superior quality. If we can’t find a reputable source for an ingredient, then we’ll grow it ourselves. It is this formulation standard that allows us to deliver products to help you on your journey to calmer, healthier skin.