Our Story

Our story began in 2013, when Heather’s daughter, Abigail, began developing eczema on her arms and legs that was increasing in severity. As a registered nurse and mom, Heather sought out a safe and effective solution for her daughter.  With a significant lack of gentle, preservative-free moisturizers available, Heather felt an overwhelming need to help her daughter. Already a frequent creator of home remedies, Heather was inspired to formulate a moisturizer to relieve Abigail’s dry, itchy skin. Extensive research on the benefits of select oils, butters, and herbs led to the development of the "Abby Balm". Thrilled with how well the balm worked for Abigail, Heather began giving it out to friends and family suffering from similar skin issues. One by one they raved about how much it helped them and then came back for more. 

Abby Rose Skin Care emerged from a difficult situation. The lotus flower, which is represented in our logo, is symbolic for its ability to grow and thrive even in the darkest and murkiest of waters. Heather turned the challenging experience with Abigail’s eczema into something beautiful by now helping others. The business continues to grow and expand its products with the goal remaining the same and that is to provide people with effective skin care solutions made with truly safe, nourishing, and high-quality ingredients. Abby Rose™ now has a variety of trusted go-to moisturizers to suit everyone’s needs.