Soothe-X™ Face & Body

Clean. Gentle.

A uniquely formulated moisturizing
system for dry sensitive skin.

Designed for the most sensitive skin. Soothe-X helps protect, soothe and moisturize.

• Organic, nourishing ingredients
• Preservative-free. Fragrance-free.
• Ultra-moisturizing
• Protects skin barrier
• Non-irritating
• Safe for use around eyes

Safe for all ages!

Clean, plant-based formulas gently
soothe and protect dry, sensitive skin.

Cleanse. Soothe. Moisturize.

This unique 3-step daily skin regimen helps to cleanse, soothe and moisturize dry, sensitive skin.
Gentle enough for use on the face and body. Safe for all ages!

Abby rose skin care

Soothe-X™ 3-Step Regimen

dermatology advisor

Peter Lio, MD

"Soothe-X has been a fantastic addition to my toolbox for patients. It has met several of my unmet needs and I am very grateful for it."

Customer reviews
I can't tell you how much I love this product! I have used so many different creams for my son's eczema and nothing has worked as well as this! I cannot recommend this enough. It is a miracle!!
— Lindsay S.
My dermatologist recommended this product and it had been an absolute godsend. It completely moisturizes my skin and leaves it glowing. Worth every penny!
— Jocelyn R.
While trying to come off steroids our dermatologist recommended this and it has been a lifesaver. I probably use this 95% of the time. I would have put on steroids but this actually works!!
— Caroline C.
Love this soap! Cleared up my dry, itchy winter skin. It's a winner!!!
— Linda F.
I can’t get enough of the Soothe-X 3 step regimen kit! My skin has never been so soft and nourished. I love the all natural ingredients and use these products on my entire family. I highly recommend it!
— Michelle P.