Winter may be the worst time of year for your skin. The cold, dry air turns skin red, raw, and flaky. If you have sensitive skin or eczema, the problem may even become painful. Don’t let the effects of cold weather on your skin keep you from enjoying the season. There are ways to prevent dry skin in the winter and soothe the condition if it happens.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Skin?

One of the effects of cold weather on skin is dry hands in the winter. Other impacts of the cold include eczema flare-ups and worsening skin sensitivity. Some people experience skin cracks on their heels, elbows, and fingers. Why does the cold cause such serious problems?

During the winter, humidity levels tend to be much lower than in the summer. Moisture from your skin evaporates into the dry air. Inside, heating systems only warm the air but don’t add moisture, leading to continued moisture loss from your skin. Finally, long, hot showers increase evaporation from your skin, resulting in even drier skin and more problems.

You can prevent wintry weather dryness by using skin protectants and avoiding dehydrating situations. Soothe dry skin with moisturizers. These measures can mitigate the negative impact of dry, cold weather, especially on sensitive skin.

How to Prevent Dry Skin During the Cold

To prevent dry skin during cold weather, you need to recognize the origins of the condition. When outside, cover as much of your skin as possible to prevent drying caused by wind and low humidity.

You should also protect your skin from excessive drying when inside. Heated air and hot showers dry out your skin quickly. Don’t take showers or baths with water so hot that you resemble a cooked lobster when you get out. Lower the temperature of the water and your home’s heater to comfortable levels. You will save money on your utility bills and help your skin avoid excessive moisture loss.

Finally, don’t forget to drink water. While you may not feel as thirsty in cold weather, you still need to continue to drink enough water throughout the day to maintain hydration. If you become dehydrated, your skin will also turn dry.

Using All Natural Products

You can protect your skin with all-natural products that prevent moisture loss and rehydrate your skin. If you have sensitive skin or eczema, look for gentle products that won’t irritate your condition. Conduct a patch test of all new moisturizers you use, even of all-natural products, to ensure that you don't have sensitivity to any ingredients.

Hydrate with Moisturizing Ingredients

Hydrating your skin from the inside with adequate water intake is only half of the solution to keeping your winter skin looking great. You should also use natural ingredients to moisturize your skin from the outside. Look for products that restore your skin’s hydration levels naturally and without irritating synthetic fragrances.

Apply Moisturizer When Your Skin Is Wet

After you shower, apply moisturizer to your skin. Applying the product at this time will lock in the skin’s moisture and protect it better against moisture loss. Pay careful attention to areas exposed to dry air, such as your face and hands. Regular moisturizing of your skin can prevent the painful drying that occurs in the winter.

Products that Help Protect Your Skin

Protecting your skin from dryness in the winter requires using both protective and rehydrating products. Coupled with avoiding extreme cold weather outside and hot temperatures inside, these products can keep your skin looking great and moisturized throughout the winter.

Moisture Lock

Moisture Lock from Abby Rose is an all-natural alternative to petroleum jelly. It creates an organic, non-greasy barrier over the skin to prevent moisture loss. Use it as often as you need to soothe chapped or dry hands, cheeks, lips, and other areas. Also, apply it after you bathe or shower to lock in moisture in your skin and prevent moisture loss.

Soothe-X Balm

Soothe-X Balm is another all-natural way to soothe dry winter skin. Use this balm as needed to naturally ease the discomfort of irritated, dry skin. With fragrance-free, plant-powered ingredients Soothe-X Balm is a great multi-purpose moisturizer throughout the year.

Don’t let the winter weather keep you from having glowing skin. Stock up on products that help protect your skin and restore moisture to prevent dry hands in the winter and other effects of cold weather on the skin.

November 10, 2022 — Sarah Flex