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    Some of our favorites from over the years...

    "I use the eczema balm for so many things! I started off using it on my son's eczema on his knees, which nothing up to that point had helped. This balm has been amazing for it though! Not only does it smell good, but it calms the flare ups on my son's knees - he is no longer embarrassed to wear shorts to his sporting activities. I have also used it myself on a few spots - including one on my forehead that was embarrassing! The balm made it disappear within a matter of days though! It is also exceptionally soothing as I store in the fridge - it makes your skin feel soft and very refreshed upon application."


     "My daughter who is 6 years old has eczema mainly on the bottom of her feet and legs. She has been using the Eczema Balm for over a year and we love it! It is the only balm we have found that stops her itching while healing her cracked skin. We would highly recommend any of the skin repair balms."  


    "My daughter was diagnosed with eczema when she was 3 months old. It was pretty severe in the nape of her neck, all over her skin folds & the creases of her knees and feet. I was at my wits end after trying so many other products, including prescription creams and getting no results. After using Abby Rose Eczema Balm consistently for a couple weeks it has totally cleared her eczema. I started using it on my two other kids for scrapes, diaper rash, bug bites & dry patches and it has helped them too!  Now we are all using it! I can't say enough about this product...and it smells wonderful too. An added bonus! Thank you Abby Rose!"  


    "I have eczema on my hands (mainly fingertips) and have been using Eczema Balm for over a year to help keep it under control. It has worked great. The balm is gentle and when I put it on my cracked skin it not only helps to heal the cracks it feels very soothing. I even use it during the times when my fingers are not cracked to keep them soft. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone who has eczema!" 


    "In my thirties, I experienced eczema on my legs for the first time in my life - the itching drove me crazy! I started using the eczema balm and within days, I felt better. I continue to use the balm on a regular basis (typically three times a week) and have not experienced any of the symptoms again. Not only does it help with eczema, it smells GREAT!"  


    "Remarkable Moisturizer! I am a swim coach and spend a many hours in the pool water each week. My skin gets particularly sensitive during the dry air of winter and under the hot sun of the summer. I use Abby Rose eczema balm daily to ward off dry, irritated skin.  The oils are effective in moisturizing and offer a youthful appearance with a refreshing aroma."  


    "In addition to a topical corticosteroid, the eczema healing balm has helped improve the condition of two stubborn patches of eczema on my hand and foot. Additionally, the customer service has been excellent. Ordering and shipping has been easy and prompt. I love it when I receive a new shipment of carefully wrapped products."  


    "My son has an allergy to gluten and with that he had an awful rash. I tried Abby Rose eczema balm and the rash disappeared overnight! The balm calmed my son's rash and healed the dry, flaky areas. I started using the Eczema Balm too. It's the only product that penetrates my dry cracked hands and body. These products are made with LOVE & CARE."  


    "I got a rash from planting ground cover. I could not see a dermatologist for six weeks. I tried all the home remedies but to no avail, so I went to the ER. When asked my pain level, I said I was not in pain, but I wanted to scratch my skin off. The rash had traveled from my stomach to my arms and thighs. Received a prescription for the itching but before I could fill it I heard about Abby Rose. What a relief! My itching was relieved almost immediately when I applied the balm. Took about a week, but I was very pleased with the results." 


    "Within the last couple years, I began itching on my arms and legs after I showered. I tried so many different medications and lotions to get rid of the itch and calm my skin, but nothing worked until I tried this eczema balm. I finally was able to find some relief after showering. I definitely recommend this product! Thank you Abby Rose Skin Care!" 


    "I decided to give the Abby Rose Eczema Balm for Kids a try because my son and I tend to get dry patches of skin during the winter months. I have to say that while we do not have Eczema, the balm soothes the skin and prevents both of us from continuing to itch the dry skin. My son would scratch himself raw on his legs - so this balm has been great. The fact that it is all natural is a HUGE plus in my book because I have become very conscious of what I put on my skin and my children's skin. Thank you!" 


    "My 4 month old had eczema covering most of his body. I tried many creams, including a prescription hydrocortisone. After using Abby Rose regularly, he has GREATLY improved and is almost completely clear skinned! I am so grateful to have found a product to help him that is also good for him! Thank you, Abby Rose!" 


    "My daughter has eczema and gets itchy spots all over. This balm is the only product we have found that stops her itching while healing her cracked skin and doesn't sting when applied. I would definitely recommend using any of the Abby Rose products!" 


    "Love this product! It has worked just as well as the prescription medication for my son, but it's so much better because it's natural and smells so nice! We've also used it for minor toddler scrapes and it help heal faster, without a scar. I love it for chapped lips too! I highly recommend this product! Thank you!" 


    "Love this stuff! This is the only non-medicated product that clears up my daughter's eczema. Others we've tried seem to make her flare-ups worse, but this one works! Plus it's not greasy and smells great." 


    "My sister has terrible psoriasis in her scalp and allergies to everything. She noticed improvements within the week and it was completely gone in 3. We have also used this on eczema, rashes, breakouts, and burns. I swear it cures anything! Amazing product for people with sensitive skin."