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Heather Clark, Founder and CEO of Abby Rose Skin Care


The Mother of Invention

"Necessity is the mother of invention" and the reason Abby Rose Skin Care exists today.  In 2014, my daughter, Abigail Rose, had eczema on her arms and legs that was increasing in severity and was not responding to available products.  Abigail's eczema was getting severe enough that she was having trouble sleeping at night and becoming self-conscious about her skin's appearance.  I was frustrated by lotions and creams that were diluted with water, full of chemicals and did not work. As a registered nurse, I knew topical steroids were not a good long-term solution and I wanted a different alternative.  I was already a frequent creator of home remedies for my family, so I set out to formulate something to relieve Abigail’s eczema. Extensive research on the benefits of select oils, essential oils, herbs and other all natural ingredients with healing properties led to the original eczema balm.  

Abigail was finally able to sleep at night and go to school without feeling itchy and uncomfortable. After just a few days of consistently using the balm, her eczema flare up was nearly gone. There is no cure for eczema so when she experiences the occasional flare-ups, we apply the eczema balm and it is gone again within a few days. 

Thrilled with how well the eczema balm worked for Abigail, I decided to share it with family and friends experiencing similar issues.  One by one, they tried it, raved about how much better their skin was and referred new customers.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard parents say to me, "It's the only eczema product my child will let me put on them."  I did not realize it at the time, but this was the start of something was the start of Abby Rose Skin Care.  

Since the official launch of Abby Rose Skin Care in 2015, people discovered they also had many other uses for the eczema balm so that led to the creation of the Healing Elixir. It’s the ultimate first aid, “clean swap” for products like Neosporin or Hydrocortisone creams.  Great for whole family! People are LOVING it!

The organic eczema balm was created out of love, determination and the best possible ingredients for my daughter. Now the Abby Rose Team is so thrilled to be able to share these products with you too. Thank you for reading our story; we look forward to you joining the ranks of satisfied Abby Rose customers!   

Warmest Regards,   

Heather Clark 

Founder + CEO

I can't tell you how many times I've heard parents say to me:

"It's the only eczema product my child will let me put on them."